Time to make a change!

All wildlife on our planet is facing challenges that threatens their very existence. All life is connected, and when a species is removed, there are consequences that can even affect humans. 

Among the threats that can have serious impact on the animals that we care about, are habitat loss and fragmentation of those habitats; pollution; over hunting of key species; the pet trade; and climate change.

We, as humans, have the power to change how we do things. By becoming more aware and responsible, and raising the level of appreciation of our natural world, the creatures we see today will be there for future generations to enjoy.

Action steps can include recycling, picking up 2 pieces of trash every day, and turning off lights in rooms that are not being used. How easy is that!

One more important action step - be informed about issues like the palm oil industry. Download the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo sustainable palm oil app today. 

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